The Serenity of Adeje 2020

The Serenity of Adeje 2020

If you have visited Costa Adeje, the chances are, you have seen the well-known walkway along the beachfront, towards El Duque. During the normal holiday season, this walkway is buzzing with vibrant colours of tourist’s summer clothes, suntans and sunglasses. It’s a spectacular view of the vibrant blue water, greenery and rocks.

Last December 2020 was a different time to the normal days. Quieter with a touch of tranquillity which to be honest has been a very rare opportunity to see due to its popularity. It’s like it is unspoilt, secluded and forgotten but only because of the fewer holiday-makers unable to travel due to COVID.

Whether quieter or buzzing, this walkway is a significant part of Costa Adeje with amazing glittering water and stunning sunsets!

The walkway hosts some lovely restaurants and bars for great opportunities for refreshments or typical tourist food. Lined with stunning trees and colourful flowers to guide you along your way. This delightful route will brighten your holiday adventure no matter what the weather condition throws at you!

Sitting and looking out to the sea is peaceful. The green land in front of you is a rare sight on this volcanic island unless you head to the north of the island. This small unspoilt section of Costa Adeje differs from the mass of tourist areas which allows you to breathe in the fresh air and you can take in why you have visited this fantastic island.

Right behind you sits proudly the magnificent hotel of Jardines de Nivaria. Stunning in all of its glory both inside and out! The family designed architecture of the construction impresses to capture the wonderful views along the coastline. Inside the hotel, the design has both privacy and stunning quality offerings.

To watch the short video of this stunning area, click on the link

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