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There are plenty of fabulous tourists restaurants dotted along the famous holiday hotspots of Adeje, Las Americas, and Los Cristianos. In fact, if you have been to Tenerife before, I am sure you will have a few of your favourite places to eat, tucked under your belt.

One thing Tenerife really comes out top is for great food and friendly hospitality! I am a true believer in individuality and what one person loves, another may not feel the same. This makes the world a more exciting place to live in. One thing I do know is there is a huge difference between tourist food and eating local.

UK Tapa Dishes

I am sure you have tasted tapa dishes but please don’t confuse or be put off by the tapas produced in the UK. This is totally different both in recipes, choice, and taste! I do get asked why I don’t go to a tapas restaurant in the UK and the reason why? It all boils down to taste and quality.

Let’s get started

Let’s start firstly with what type of dishes you can expect in Tenerife as tapas.

Chickpea in sauce dish

The chickpeas cooked in a rich sauce is one of my favourite starters or tapas for sharing. It is a very popular dish for the locals and is ate with baguettes to add more taste. You will find pieces of ham added for additional taste and very popular in the winter months (although it is still warm all year round).

Little tip for wine suggestion

Oh and if you are looking for a really great white wine, Brumas Dayosa is top quality. The wine is also seasonal so if you can purchase it, do try a glass or two. Delicious!

Here you have a chickpea soup but with potatoes, small pieces of meat, pasta, and bits of tomato added. Healthy and hearty ingredients to keep the hunger at bay. Really tasty and another of my favourite choices.

The salad is a staple add-on to any meal, whether you are having fish or meat. On this occasion, the meal was fresh fish and it wouldn’t be the same without the traditional mojo sauces. Some salads come as lettuce, carrot, sweetcorn, and tomatoes but they are always tasty with olive oil and balsamic vinegar!

Ensaladillia (potato salad) is another great dish for sharing with an omelette or local sandwich. Packed with potatoes, tuna, egg and sometimes tomato, this is a really tasty side dish but very filling.

Lastly, I have added the traditional Canarian Potatoes (papas) which are a true part of the local’s staple diet. Cooked in rock salt to add flavour, the papas are a complimentary added part to the meat or fish dish.

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Local food is not only the best quality but also more cost-effective on your holiday money. It is a great way to get out there and try some local food and keep trade circulating amongst the small businesses.

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Thank you for reading and it would be great to hear in the comment box below, your favourite restaurants in Tenerife.


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