The Striking La Laguna Gran Hotel

San Cristóbel de La Laguna sets the scene to remind us that this was once the Capital of Tenerife and it’s sheer beauty and magnificent buildings will not let us forget this historical fact! If you have not yet visited this place in the north, mark it on your ‘to do list’ and make a point of visiting. It is filled full of character, life and love.

Talking about character, let me take you into the striking La Laguna Gran Hotel, based in the heart of this fabulous and enchanting City.

If you are wanting to see originality and ‘real Tenerife’, La Laguna Gran Hotel offers you exactly this. Walking through the solid, impressive wooden front doors, the hotel opens up to the most stunning white stone wall courtyard which gives way to the reception or lounge area.

It’s distinguished and select, leaving its visitors to enjoy every piece of this beautiful hotel. Its charisma shouts luxury from the minute you walk in through the large, solid wooden doors, right through to visiting the toilets! Yes just wait until you see how they have even made visiting the loo really impressive too.

From history to a well-loved modern theme

La Laguna Gran building sets back to the 16th – 17th century where there is some fabulous history stored right here in this building. From windmills which were powered by the streams to a cigar factory which even today, you can see a part of this history within this stunning hotel.

With a section of the old featured hotel still in place, this building has been beautifully restored to offer holiday visitors a truly authentic taste of Tenerife. Pride and glory come to mind when thinking about this hotel and it is great to see the owners have not let go of the past which is so important to the ‘book of life’.

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The modern, open style courtyard and features are just some of the little extras which offer this hotel a fresh and light feel. With plenty of small palms, shrubs and flowers dotted around the outside areas, this is a perfect place to sit for some quiet time and enjoy the open air facilities.

The outside space is the opposite contrast to the interior of the hotel but the standards are set the same throughout. Pretty, luxury and spotlessly clean.

From tradition to retro style

La Laguna Gran is set to offer you some retro-style furnishings, especially the design of the wallpaper and mirrors. It reminded me of back in the ’70s but this has been furnished much more elegantly and with style! It really is a lovely hotel and if you are passing through and spending a night or two, the prices are reasonable ranging from €90 + (depending on the time of year). Expect to receive a continental breakfast though which is light but delicious!

Nothing shouts cheap about La Laguna Gran Hotel and the two glass lifts will take you to the roof terrace where you can have access to a small, well-equipped gym, sun loungers, swimming pool and some magnificent views of the City with the backdrop of the mountains.

The colours of the hotel are rich and inviting. With royal blue seating, greens and beige, this hotel really offers a grand setting for any visitor staying in the north of Tenerife.

What I also liked about the hotel, was the cosy, trendy bar which is to the left of the building when you walk through the large front door. Its comfortable seating area offers further space to enjoy a pre-cocktail or glass of prosecco before your evening meal or a tasty Gin and Tonic.

Waking up refreshed

Lying in the large, soft comfy bed reminded me that not all hotels offered such comfort. Did I really want to go for breakfast and maybe I could just roll over and go back to sleep and forget about the world for another hour? Life is good, relaxed and I wanted to enjoy more of this hotel bedroom but unfortunately, I had to get up and see what the day ahead had in store for me!

Walking into the nice shower did the trick and then down for breakfast. The breakfast room is not a large area and you can expect to find cereals, ham, cheese, toast and even some cakes. It is a cosy room and fits in nicely with the surrounding theme of the hotel but don’t expect a large English breakfast or you will be disappointed. For me, this was ideal as I don’t eat an ‘English breakfast’ and I prefer a Continental every time.

Time to pay a visit

Each of the toilet area facilities had a different design and believe me when I say that they are all really beautifully designed and finished. From the tastefully selected wallpaper to the hand soaps and creams, you will be really happy to visit any toilet in this well kept and immaculate hotel. Well done La Laguna Gran Hotel for keeping us ladies happy!

Finishing off my morning with a walk around the beautiful old City, it was great to have a contrasting look from what it displayed at night. It was a busy morning with people taking their coffee and newspapers in the small, Canarian cafes. Shops open for business and a generally lovely buzz to the place.

Walking past the La Laguna Gran Hotel once again and waving good-bye, my thoughts filled my heart with a little burst of excitement. What an enchanting little hotel and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to stay the night here.

Thank you to Jorge Ballesteros of Living Tenerife Tours, whose knowledge, passion and wisdom for Tenerife north are truly remarkable! His courteous and respected values is a credit to his tours which I would highly recommend. Why not finish off the day with Luxury Tenerife Tour and a night stay in this super hotel!

Watch the video of this gorgeous hotel

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