The Magnificent Colours of Hotel Villa Cortes

Playa de las Americas is the location and the recommendation is the magnificent colourful buildings of the stunning hotel Villa Cortés. This luxury and Mexican featured theme hotel, has certainly been built to stand out from the array of other accommodations. The colours which magnificently shine against the glorious Tenerife sunshine truly offers visitors a great holiday choice.

If you are a frequent visitor to Tenerife, you will probably share the same thoughts as me that if staying in Playa de las Americas, there are much better areas than others. I am pleased to say that Hotel Villa Cortés is in a prime location and by choosing this beautiful hotel, you will find that your holiday will be in one of the favourite spots for this Tenerife resort.

Owned by the Europe Hotels chain, this well kept and much-loved hotel has been designed to brighten up your holiday. Throughout the colourful building, you will be reminded of little Mexican features which are dotted around each corner, offering visitors a real, friendly welcoming.

Fancy waking up to this view?

Booking a room with a view is always a bonus on any holiday but when staying at Hotel Villa Cortés, just take a look at what you are paying for! The amazing colours of the sky against the different shades of the sea, offer visitors some of the best views in Playa de las Americas.

On a clear day, you can see right across to their neighbouring Island, La Gomera. The scenic views add a great benefit to this hotel and just looking out from the spacious bedroom balcony, it was simply breathtaking to take it all in. Relaxing here and soaking up the all-year sunshine, is a doddle, in fact, you would never get fed up at looking at the colourful design and scenery. It’s that simple!

The detail of the building has lots of balconies and railings which adds character to the whole experience of your stay. The terracotta, yellow and blue just send a striking message to any holiday visitor and this is vibrant and fun!

Walking around this hotel was never difficult as when entering each doorway, it was lit up with strong, bold colours which made an impact. Even the lifts were painted with artistic features of brightly coloured themes, making this hotel a unique experience for a memorable holiday.

From well kept, luscious plants and palm trees to neatly kept ornamental features. Hotel Villa Cortés has created the perfect Mexican theme from the first point of entry of the hotel, right up to the sea-front; leaving the middle section of the hotel to shine in its glory with open plan areas and lots of space.

One of the striking features which really made me stand back and take a second look was the beautiful, ceramic step stairway. Surrounded by dominating, rich and vibrant red walls, this show stopper of a staircase was a real eye-catcher to me.

With the high, old fashioned style ceilings and handcrafted, elegant themed painted touches, the design was like a rich, stately building which presented sheer joy. The wide and carefully planned staircase was a lovely feature, creating a good access route for holiday visitors and ensuring their space was not overcrowded. There is nothing worse than a narrow style staircase as it just creates chaos but here at Villa Cortés, you have more room than you can imagine to enjoy such a beautiful part of this hotel which leads out to the pool and courtyard area.

I have often walked past this hotel and my head has been turned by the strike colours and beauty, always wondering what the inside would feature. It certainly reached above my expectations for design and comfort.

Are you a bed-lover and comfort is your style!

I often laugh at this comment because as much as it sounds crazy about bleating on about your hotel bed, it is a really important point when staying on holiday. You want a nice, comfortable and cosy bed to enjoy your holiday and relax. This is where you can pick out the top hotels against the mediocre ones. The best hotels will invest in a really good bed in addition to the hotel surroundings.

For me, quality is all about comfort and letting my body and mind know it is relaxed. A hotel that offers a top quality bed, nice bathroom and high standards of cleanliness are what comes out on top for me! Hotel Villa Cortés ticks all of these boxes and to a luxury standard too!

Although it is not a modern theme, who cares as the quality and features are what matters. You can instantly tell when you walk on these carpets that money has paid for that extra comfort. The heavy, mansion-type curtains and red colours, do make this room a little darker but by no means is this an issue. You can pull back the net curtains and let in as much daylight as you like and believe me when I say there are plenty of vibrant colours outside to lighten it all up.

The old Mexican themed bathroom again has been installed to give lots of character into your stay. All to a high standard and spotlessly clean.

Quirky, fun and positively different

This hotel has definitely been designed to stand out and be quirky. The positive feeling you get when walking around Hotel Villa Cortés is Wow! the detail and quality are simply beautiful and the staff here work endlessly, making holiday visitors a happy stay.

What I love about Tenerife and I am passionate to share with my readers is that staff on this Island know how to treat visitors. They just go that extra mile and this hotel is no exception as their courteous and polite, professional manner could be seen as I sauntered around this magnificent hotel.

The outside pool areas were quiet and nicely selected to ensure a sun worshipper would be in their glory lying around the pool. The outside area captures the turquoise waters where holiday visitors can take a dip or swim and then head back to their loungers for a peaceful, relaxing rest.

The freshest outside salt pool in Tenerife

One of the features that I was really surprised to find was when walking to the very back of the hotel, there is a section from the sea which has been allocated for the hotel use (on not so rough days). The fresh, salt water will allow you to bathe comfortably without having to go out into the main beach waters. The private area is a nice touch for those who want to experience the beach swim and it also offers you a beautiful view of the full coastline of Playa de las Americas.

There is an area where you can take a drink and watch some amazing sunsets, taking in the fresh and natural atmosphere of Tenerife.

With my back to the beach and looking onto the ray of colours that this hotel provides, the neatly styled combination of this complex, is really something. I am not sure if I would get to see a more colourful hotel in Tenerife but it’s not just about the colours, it’s the whole package of a luxury feeling of a comfortable stay, centred in a brilliant location.

When I say location is key, this hotel will set you in an area which is five to ten minutes walk to Los Cristianos, again another place to visit when in Tenerife.

Close by is the Golden Mile and Central Commercial Safari Centre which is brilliant for couples and families. Lots of shops, restaurants and bars in a lovely surrounding, complete with a fountain which lights up at night!

Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the food as I have not had the opportunity to taste their dishes but if it lives up to their hotel style and quality, I am sure the chef will make the hotel proud of their offers. Maybe on my next return, so watch this space! it just might be featured for 2019.

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