El Mirador, Los Abrigos Serves The Finest Fish

One of the best parts of a Tenerife holiday is dining at the local restaurants or seeking time out to explore other towns on the Island. This brings a variety of choice, quality and a sense of adventure and it beats spending a full week, all inclusive in a hotel. For me, this is what a holiday is all about. Think about what you are missing out on!

My evening selection was El Mirador in the quieter town of Los Abrigos which if travelling from Los Cristianos, it is just before you reach El Medano, towards Tenerife Sur Airport. This town offers many local restaurants with fresh fish featuring a speciality on the menu. I was really looking forward to seeing what this restaurant had to serve up and just if or how they could stand out from the crowd.

Los Abrigos is a brilliant place to add to your ‘foodie’ list where you can expect to find a small harbour, volcanic cove beach with plenty of restaurants serving up seafood, steaks and of course, paella. With that, I want to show you what my evening meal and restaurant atmosphere entailed.

Simple & Traditional Tenerife Style

If you are a regular visitor to Tenerife and familiar with going out to eat local, you will have the idea now that restaurants are simple, relaxing and friendly. El Mirador is no exception to this and the simple nautical blue design adds to the atmosphere of the harbour views and stunning sunsets.

The dining area offers interior tables or a terrace for diners who wish to enjoy their food outdoors. This is a popular restaurant so to get booked up may be an issue. Make sure you contact them to reserve a table or get there early on the off chance you may be lucky. This restaurant is popular with the locals and when you taste the food, you will know why!

Enhance The Food With Local Wine

If you have read my other blog posts, you will see that I am a ‘new addition fan’ to the local white wine (which I have not really been a white wine person) but for me, Tenerife offers some of the nicest, crisp and fruity white wine. Not sickly or overpowering, a perfect choice for your fish dishes and on this occasion, the choice was a local favourite Brumas Dayosa. I could fill my suitcase with this wine!!!

What I liked about El Mirador restaurant were the atmosphere and service. Professional and quick to dish up your choice, plating your fish from the silver platter onto your plate. The selection of the sharing fish was Abadejo; the size of the fish was just enormous and cooked to perfection. Nothing beats having fresh fish and cooked to a standard that leaves an impression. Compliments to the chef as the staff work hard and tirelessly to cater to locals and tourists yet are often last on our thoughts to say ‘thank you’.

From the garlic sauce dish to the well-presented salad plate, El Mirador is a restaurant that stands out from others for quality food, service and traditional fresh food. The menu has lots to offer with plenty of seafood choice. Would I revisit? Definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, this would be a restaurant I would certainly like to revisit, possibly a little earlier in the evening to take in the views which surround the restaurant.

What about the serving staff, well all I can say is they were fast and efficient, ensuring we were catered for to the full. No pushiness, just quickly serving the customers, clearing tables quickly and keeping the place looking spotless.

Close by to El Mirador restaurant sits a cute church which is typical of the local towns. Lit up and centred on a small platform area, the church is quietly overlooking this restaurant and I could imagine on Sundays, packed with locals. This is a pretty, quiet and relaxing town which is worth a visit if you are looking for a nice area to take a stroll and eat a good lunch. All freshly made of course and with views which will allow you to have some happy holiday memories of Tenerife.

Lastly, I wanted to give you a flavour of not just the brilliant food but also the wonderful harbour which is lit up at night and quietly shadowed by the row of restaurants which frame this beautiful little alcove. Standing outside of El Mirador, it was peaceful looking down to the harbour, darkness but the lights reflecting onto the sea created a tranquil feeling. Perfect views for a lovely evening of food with a big thank to a friend who made this wonderful suggestion for this blog! Much appreciated for all the help.

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