El Aguila Restaurant Serves Up A Great Vegan Option

Santa Cruz is the capital city and with such an array of lovely places to eat or to take a light afternoon drink. The buzz of this place just makes you feel so nice, rich with enthusiasm and wanting to spend more and more time here. I absolutely love this city and to make my day even better, my dining choice was at El Aguila restaurant, situated in Plaza Alférez Provisional, 38002.

This was my first time eating in Santa Cruz and therefore I was going in pretty blind as to which restaurant was going to be my choice. My friend has a vegan diet and it can be a little difficult finding suitable options as a lot of restaurants think this is salads only. We were told by the waiter that they could cater for vegan so it was going to be interesting to see what they dished up.

Stylish and impressive interior

The interior was pretty damn impressive with the red and grey trendy style features. The large silver framed mirrors gave the place an open, airy feeling and I just loved the bar area which seemed to stack every bottle of spirit you could name.

In fact, the interior was immaculately clean, even down to the toilets which for me, has a sigh of relief and makes this a more inviting place to eat. It would be interesting to see this restaurant at night as I bet it would look pretty with the lighting and decor.

Another impressive feature which jumped out at me was the selection of wine. If you have not had the local wine, now is the time to try it. Tenerife has some of the top award-winning wines and yet tourists do not seem to know about this expertise on the Island.

And here comes the food!

Sitting outside, sun shining with a glass of delicious white wine, the food arrives at our table. First to arrive is the vegan dish and we were expecting a few bits put together but credit to the chef, he cooked up a platter of roasted vegetable which went down a treat. Supported by a bowl of home-made chips, it must have been really tasting as there was not much conversation at this point but a great deal of tucking into the plate.

The vegan option would have put a smile on anyone’s face as the portion was huge, healthy and certainly thought through. From an image of some mixed leaves on a plate, tomato and cucumber, we were completely wrong to think that Tenerife was not heading down the vegan route, El Aguila showed us this from the vegetable platter which took up some room on our table.

And then my food arrived, fresh Dorada fish which arrived on a silver platter and looking huge. You know a good restaurant when they remove the bones for you and then serve your fish onto your plate. This is really good for me as it is done quickly and effortlessly from the waiters, leaving you the time to eat and enjoy. I would really recommend trying this fish as it was cooked to perfection and so filling. For me, I had this with Canarian potatoes (papas) and mojo sauce, perfect combination and a wonderful meal.

Be prepared, it is not the cheapest restaurant so if you are looking for a bargain and much less quality, this is not the place for you. The meal with the fish, vegetable platter, chips, salad, potatoes and 2 glasses of white wine was around €42 but worth it as I think it was good value in comparison to what we pay in the UK. The quality was superb, fresh fish, salad and vegetables and the wine just complemented the whole meal.

You can see more about this restaurant on the link HERE

Well done to the staff and chef who provided top class service and tasty quality food!

So if you visit Santa Cruz and want a nice place to eat, check out El Aguila and try the Dorada fish or a vegan style option. Sit back, enjoy the rest and chill out with a glass of crisp, local white wine. Enjoy!

Hopefully one day I might visit when there is a carnival and get to see the spirit of El Aquila and the city and take some food again. I will let you all know if I do!!!

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