La Caleta’s Enchanting Terrace

La Caleta is the quiet end of Tenerife, a sleepy town with some brilliant hotels along the coastal line. It is a favourite among the frequent travellers to Tenerife and you can see why. Especially the more mature traveller as they appreciate the stunning sea, scenery and fresh fish restaurants.

Asador restaurant has a charming and beautiful terrace which can be a little suntrap for sun-worshippers.

As I stumbled across this hidden terrace, my idea was to rest my feet and have a cold drink for a short time. Unfortunately, my plan didn’t work as I ended up sitting here for a good few hours, sipping a delicious cold, local white wine and chatting with some very lovely ladies. Perfect afternoon and a nice top up on the tan too!

For me, this has to be one of my favourite spots in La Caleta and you should take a little peek inside too as the restaurant is really nice, with sea views. The whole place has a charming and friendly, warm feel to it, allowing you to relax knowing you are not rushed or pushed into leaving (hence why I took my time and enjoyed the afternoon).

Access can be via the terrace from the walkway along the coastal route or in through the front of the restaurant (but this will have a different name, same owner, restaurant Cala Marin).

For me, the interior of this quaint and charming place is just as appealing as the exterior. Really authentic and one of the prettiest restaurants which I have experienced. Full of character, Canarian style theme and very popular choice for tourists and celebration events. The restaurant offers plenty of seating area and carefully decorated to give a bit of a nautical theme but engulfed with magnificent colours of greenery and potted plants.

It is worth taking a look inside both restaurants (although they are in the same building). What makes this restaurant a favourite and top spot is the views, especially at night where you can eat some of the best fish on the Island with stunning, romantic views. I have eaten here at night, several times and never get bored with coming to this amazing restaurant. You might want to take a little cardigan or light shawl to wrap around at night if you are dining on the terrace area as the slight breeze can be a little chilly, although nothing like in England as it is still very warm.

It is a popular choice so if you are looking to visit here, it might be worth reserving a seat as every time I have visited the charming restaurant, although I managed to get a table, it was always fully booked. Once you have visited, you will understand why and you may need to expect to pay slightly higher than other local restaurants but hey! The views and holiday experience makes up for the extra experience!


The restaurant sits above another popular daytime favourite (Piscis and same owner) which is ok for your daytime experience and food but for me, I would rather sit on the terrace above Piscis, in a prettier surrounding and enjoy the Tenerife holiday moments (tapas are available although I did not take any so apologies, I cannot say whether I would recommend the food or not).

Perfect wine

To add to the holiday experience, Brumas Dayosa, a perfect white, fruity, light crisp local wine can be bought (only purchased by the bottle) but honestly, I am not a big wine fan but this, I could drink the bottle. Luckily, the kind waiter allowed me to purchase a glass as if I had made use of the bottle, I think they would have found me asleep in the shaded area. I would highly recommend this delicious wine and it is perfect to share on this beautiful terrace.

For me, this restaurant is like a little secret garden, not busy but a brilliant find. A great resting place and ideal if you want to spend an hour or two just taking in life as it comes; reflecting on why life is precious and making the best holiday memories a priority!

It would not be complete without showing you the fine model of the Galleon ship which stands proudly in the lower end of the restaurant, leading into the main cobbled street area. The fine craftwork will catch your eye and it is truly an authentic piece which reflects what this restaurant is all about. It is one of the restaurants which has been opened for many years, displaying a popular and long-term favourite amongst those who visit it.

A delightful afternoon with plenty of sun, sea and a stunning location. If you are in the area, call into the terrace for a drink and stop-off. There are plenty of sunshade umbrellas to keep you out of the direct rays and comfy seating to take in the charming views. It is like being at a Canarian home on the terrace!

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