Los Menores Offers La Granja Restaurant

The town is Los Menores and the restaurant name is La Granja. Typical local type restaurant, full of charm and spacious but with plenty of character. With a short drive from Costa Adeje, you can get to eat great food and experience the friendly hospitality of local people.

Unlike the British eating times, the locals in Tenerife eat at a much later time and sometimes, don’t venture out until around nine o’clock at night. Just when we are looking to wind down, here you will see families sitting around tables and enjoying the start of the evening.

I actually love this about the locals as they do centre their evenings around family time together or eating with friends.

What I really liked about this restaurant is the spacious and airy feel it had about it. It is not uncommon to usually find local restaurants a lot smaller and more crowded which can be a bit of a nightmare, especially as the locals do speak a lot louder or can be more boisterous (but in a good way and friendly).

What was on the menu?

Food ordered and first to arrive was a traditional dish (which was shared), chickpeas and chunks of ham. This dish is really delicious and one of my favourite starters.

Well as people who know me, I don’t eat large portions but somehow Tenerife seems to change this usual habit in me. Food is fresh, wholesome and enjoyable and that is what I love about the Canarian dishes. The timeless classic food never gets boring or dated.

Devouring the starter, the next course for me was pork steak and fried onions. I didn’t opt for the pork chop but to be fair, I think there was more pork on my plate. Tasty food and really great value for money so if you are looking to make your money last longer when on holiday, start eating where the locals hang out.

Trust me, I didn’t eat it all but it was not due to lack of quality but rather than quantity reasons.

Another point you need to be aware of when eating out at local restaurants, you don’t get vegetables as it’s usually meat or fish, Canarian potatoes or chips. Adding a fresh side salad is a nice touch and goes down well.

No meal is complete without the mojo sauces, mmm! then you know you are in the Canary Islands.

I am not a big wine drinker or nothing really floats my boat and especially white wine but this visit has changed my concept and palate. Yes, the white wine has now got a hold of me, especially the light and fruity flavours. I can now confess that when in Tenerife or the Canary Islands, my evening drink will be one of the fine white wines!

Brumas de Ayosa

What can I say about this wine, only that it left me wanting more! If you like a light fruity wine, this is perfect and really refreshing.

The wine comes from Bodega Comarcal Valle de Güímar which is located in Arato in the area of Mount Teide. The winery started off back in 1989 with 15 vintners who came together to produce 15,000 bottles of wine a year. Today there are around 159 vintners who attend the vines throughout the year and producing some of the finest wines you can drink.

Thank you Bodega Comarcal as you have made me fall in love with Tenerife even more!

La Granja has an outside terrace with tables and chairs which is good for the hot nights. For me though, the pretty little interior was more comfortable and a better setting for eating my meal. The restaurant stands in its own ground so there is the advantage of easy parking outside and no other bars or restaurants to make it feel crowded.

Overall, a nice little find as it is the first time that I have been to this restaurant. I am always on the lookout for new places to eat and to sample the food for tourists or ex-pats.

To finish off the evening with a caramel shot or (a new nutty flavour shot) was traditional and got me on my merry way back to Costa Adeje. It was a lovely night and relaxing, chilling out with no stress and enjoying the moment. Time is precious and life even more so I now make the most of what I have.

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