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Facebook can be brilliant for interesting topics, news and trends and when I spotted Lagarto restaurant (part of the Venture restaurant group) on Facebook, I was instantly intrigued. It was different to the other restaurants and bars I had visited and I just had to take a visit to find out more!

The trendy and immaculate restaurant/bar is an AMAZING find. Perfectly located right next to the local bus stop or just a short taxi journey from Adeje main resort. Situated a few yards from Hovima Hotel (Avenida Las Gaviotas, 38670 La Caleta, Adeje.)

For me, cocktails are pretty much the same on the menu whichever bar, club or restaurant you go to but seeing the promotional videos on their Facebook page, made me want to check out if Lagarto’s stood up to what they promoted.

The interior design is very comfortable, chic and stylish. Split into two styles with the restaurant dining section on one side and a comfy corner where you can take a drink or cocktail and just chat on the other.

Kick Start The Night With A Lagarto Cocktail

Close your eyes, think of a trendy and sophisticated place to be in Tenerife. The sun on your face (or in the shade if you prefer it) and sipping some amazing cocktails. Not your regular ‘Margaritas, Mojito or Piña Colada’ NO, think BIGGER, BETTER and TASTIER.

Cocktail:  Martini Like No Other   Ingredients: Mezcal, Martini, Cherry, Ginger, Lime and Egg White

A Menu With A Difference

At first, we sat on the terrace outside, so we could get the last of the daytime sun, and I was accompanied by Simon Turkas @TenerifeMagazine who was ready to try out something new on the menu. We both ordered our cocktails and within minutes, they arrived and of course, in Lagarto style.

Cocktail: Pop No Corn   Ingredients:  Mezcal, Passao, Green Pepper, Popcorn Syrup, Passion Fruit, Lime & Mango Juice, Popcorn

Simon opted for the Popcorn cocktail. I have to admit that we had a little giggle when this one arrived at it was certainly an idea ‘outside the box’ and to be honest, it looked and tasted amazing. Did it remind us of the movies? Yes, it sure did! One thing that we have to give Lagarto credit for, is ORIGINALITY and being creative for their customers. Loved this and it really sets the tone for some fun!

My cocktail selection was a little more sophisticated and WOW! when it arrived, it came in a glass container, full of smoke. It was like something from our school days in the science lab but I tell you, it was really impressive. I have seen nothing like these cocktails anywhere else, in fact, sitting here for the start of our night, gave me a real BUZZ!

Check out the video HERE

More Cocktails For The Road

Well, when on holiday, why not! another selection of cocktails arrived and we both opted for the same type but different flavours. These were even better! This choice was refreshing to the palate and went down nicely with our food choice (which you can read about the food shortly in a future blog post).

The cocktails (and we both agree) were a great choice!

Fabulous place for anyone looking to start their birthday bash with drinks or a great family get-together.

Cocktails: New to the list and yet to be named. (Lagarto should do a competition to name the cocktails)

Cocktail prices range from €8 – €10 each but certainly worth it! (Happy Hour is every day between 18:00 – 19:00 hours, 2 for the price of 1).

Other cocktails, to name a few, Oriental Garden, Hugo Bubbles, The Ti Time, Sun Tzu Noodles, Top Secret and Lagarto Mule.

Service With A Smile

Simon and I both immediately picked up and agree that the service was really professional and we could even go that bit further and say ‘outstanding’. Attentive, helpful and very courteous. Their friendly and smiling faces made Venture restaurant group a pleasure to visit.

The Manager runs a good show here, perfectly presented and full credit to them all as they work hard to ensure that customer service is delivered as a priority. One vital team member missing from the photograph was Lucia who was also delightful!

10/10 for the training of the staff as it puts customer service way ahead of other restaurants.

Live Music

Each night, the restaurant hosts live music which fits the surroundings perfectly. Chilled out and relaxing tunes which allowed us to feel comfortable but still hold a conversation which is what a night should be all about. This place is not for those who love the Karaoke and tribute acts, no this place OOZES quality and sophistication which is directed at making people come together and enjoy the night with chatting, good food and fantastic cocktails.

Final Thoughts!

Did Lagarto’s meet up to my expectations of their promotions? YES, it certainly did. You can even be forgiven for taking endless selfies here with the array of fabulous cocktails as it is definitely a one for your holiday Facebook page!

Thank you, Lagarto for a lovely night and I will surely have you on my list for a revisit. 

Don’t forget, if you are in La Caleta during the day, there is a lunchtime menu and cocktails to suit. Worth checking it out!

Lagarto Facebook HERE (give them a thumbs up and follow them to see what’s new on their list).

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