Playa de Las Americas and Hard Rock Cafe

One of the main tourist attractions in Playa de Las Americas is the famous Hard Rock Cafe. Situated in a lovely part of this holiday resort, Hard Rock Cafe offers dining areas on two levels of the building. It is easily recognised with their universal corporate branding theme and very much in style with the American diner eating experience. If you like American food then this is a place to call into and take a look at the menu.

The entrance to the Hard Rock Cafe is really impressive as it is situated in the Palacio de Congresos which is located within the Mare Nostrum resort or better known as the Mediterranean Hotel. The stunning featured entrance with large sand coloured column pillars and magnificent sculptures above the pillars, make it easy to find or familiar with tourists.

The steps in front of the pillars, create a small water feature which cascades down into the next level and this set against the glorious sunshine, offers an impressive view to capture anyone’s eye.


Palacio de Congresos is a large Auditorium and has 20 meetings rooms and a very impressive exhibition or theatre area which accommodates up to 1,600 people. You will find a ticket box outside for further information for ‘what’s on’ at the theatre (but check as the performances may be in Spanish). Hard Rock Cafe is within this building and the large guitar situated on the water feature is a giveaway!

If you are wanting to try a burger which offers you a theme of America, Hard Rock Cafe has the perfect menu set up for your palate. You can expect to find all different types of burgers from the Hickory Barbecue, Bacon to a slightly different and unusual option of the Cauliflower burger (cauliflower, garlic, egg, goats cheese). From classics to venturing into new style burgers, Hard Rock Cafe will surely offer you a selection to fit every taste.

If you don’t want a burger, there are other options on the menu like caesar salads, grilled vegetable pasta and fish options. If you have a bigger appetite then you could go for the 16oz Rib-eye steak. For those that want a lighter option but not a salad, they cater for sandwiches too.

Whatever you fancy, this popular food chain will cost you more than the local food (as you are paying for the brand and the experience) so keep this in mind. If there is a family of you, this can work out quite expensive and it is better to check out the menu prices first!

In each part of the room, you will not escape the logo or bright pink lights which sets out the branding, making you aware of the Hard Rock Cafe at every turning point. Inside is pretty dark but the reflection of the lights casts a ray of attraction and curiosity when you are walking around.

Immediately when you walk in and before entering the restaurant, you will be aware of the huge, metal record discs which are situated on the upper level of the walls. The mirror ceiling gives a reflection of magnifying this image, creating an atmosphere of both rock, music and trendy surroundings.

Straight ahead, you have the downstairs dining area or to the right, the stairs lead you to the upper-level eating area and cocktail bar.

If you want to go for an experience of viewing only, you can take a look at the main entrance where you will get to see a selection of guitars which are cased within the wall for display only. Perfect for those who like the rock ‘n’ roll era or American theme experiences.

For any tourists who really love all this jazz sort of speak and are into this brand, you will be pleased to know there is a memorabilia shop which you can purchase anything from clothing to smaller items. You may want to take some extra cash with you as it’s not cheap! (If you want to pay by card, remember that you must have your passport or identification details with you to use your debit or credit card in Tenerife).

You can find out more about Hard Rock Cafe

Hopefully, this article has offered you a little taster of this popular tourist restaurant and what you can expect to find here. It’s a holiday experience, not typical of Tenerife (hence why my appetite is not featured here) but to be fair, it is about holidaymaker’s experiences and not just my view. Remember, holidays are for fun, memories and great experiences and Hard Rock Cafe will certainly offer you a good atmosphere, American food and fabulous photos for your holiday photo album.

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