Cafeteria El Junquito – Guia De Isora

Local food with a friendly smile!

What I love about Tenerife is eating local or trying out the cafeterias for some quick, homemade food. You have your choice of local bars and little cafeterias to choose from and if you want to save the pennies, this is the perfect way to do it!

Locals often use this type of place to take a few hours to read the newspaper, watch television and take a beer with friends. It is common for them to take some food during the day or late at night so you can be sure that there is always food on the menu most times of the day.

Cafeteria El Junquito was my ‘pit stop’ whilst siteseeing in Guia De Isora and it was a perfect choice for some quick, tasty local food. The cafeteria is traditional of the Canaries and although it is basic in design, it is really clean and well maintained.

Tapas is one of my favourite dishes and El Junquito offers a great selection of tasty tapas or you can order some main dishes from the menu. The tortilla (omelette) is definitely a popular choice throughout the day. This, with a bit of potato salad, is a nice ‘filler’ for the afternoon.

It was nice to see the person responsible for the tasty food on offer. Loreta Dominguez works hard to ensure the cafeteria has a good supply of homecooked food and regulars enjoy the large portions of dishes available, every day. Loreta is a super cook and one of my favourite dishes she once made me a few years ago was a fabulous paella. It was the best paella I have ever tasted…. Perfecto! Muchas gracia Loreta.

Inside El Junquito, is cool and airy so it is comfortable to enjoy your food and drink. My visit was in June and the temperatures are pretty high but it was refreshing to sit inside, away from the blistering sun. There is nothing better than a cool bottle of Dorada lager to chill out and rest your feet.

The service at the bar is quick so you know that your drinks will arrive within a flash. Jessica Hernandez keeps the customers happy with cold drinks and a friendly smile to everyone that calls into this lovely cafeteria.

My time here was really welcoming and friendly and I would recommend anyone who is heading to Guia De Isora to check out El Junquito which is based en Carretera General a chio, numero 96.

The local wine is also a favourite. For me, the red wine is nice to take a small glass and chill out for a short break before heading off to the main resorts for sightseeing. On this particular day, I enjoyed a selection of good food and company so thank you to Loreta and Jessica for this great hospitality.

The cafeteria has a cosy outside spot for those sun lovers who love to top up their tan. You will find local television programmes or news but hey, that gives your visit a bit more authentic feel. Isn’t this why you choose to visit this beautiful island and to get to know a little more of their culture and traditions. I am so happy that over the years, I have not visited as a tourist but enjoyed my time like a local as this has allowed me to see the ‘other side’ of Tenerife, the part that is so dear to my heart.

If you are in the area, call in and just say Hola!

Thank you for reading and I hope that you enjoyed this blog post. Please feel free to leave any comments in the box below.

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  1. 14/10/2017 / 4:22 PM

    Hi Dawn, love your web site and your blogs, we have been home a week, back in January so will be going up th Guie isa Dora on your recommendation.
    We always go to Oasis love it there, also we go to Westhaven Bay Costa del Silencio, Las Giaetas, La Caleta we get round on the bus it’s great.

    • Dawn
      15/10/2017 / 2:41 PM

      Hello Patrica, thank you for your feedback. I am happy that is of use to tourists and if you have any suggestions of places to visit, please let me know. Enjoy your next visit to Tenerife and keep reading. Thanks

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