You Will Fall In Love With Monte Cristo Restaurant

A little touch of Italian class is what Monte Cristo restaurant offers, paired with a service to match! If it is high-end food you are looking for, this is the perfect place to dine in Tenerife. The elegance and ambience stand out by a mile and it is a wonderful choice for a romantic evening or some quality time out before flying back home at the end of your holiday.

Tenerife offers a host of restaurants, all different cuisines from around the world and it is easy to get lost in choice for selecting where to eat. It is all about what you like, what you want to gain out of the experience and who you are eating with. A budget will play a large part in deciding where you can dine and so catering for the right group or people you eat with is really important.

I have passed this restaurant many times yet I have never really noticed it or ate here before. That changed this year when the large blue fountain caught my eye and the star lit lanterns hanging inside of the restaurant made me want to go inside. I knew immediately once sitting at my table that this was going to be a quality restaurant with a relaxing night.

As the soft music played and the warm night air was definitely keeping us company, we were greeted by a waitress which I can only say was attentive to her guests, all night. To me, it is not just about how good the restaurant looks, the whole package of service and quality of food are the icing on the cake. Monte Cristo restaurant certainly got the three main areas spot on for this night so I was happy!

The restaurant was not overcrowded but that is not a bad thing as it helped me to soak up the decor and other people who equally had chosen to eat here. Too many people create too many distractions and therefore you do not get to take all the important details in. The night started off really well and I was excited to see if the food lived up to the standard of the decor.

The starter was shared (as we are not large eaters and to me, less with quality is more!), placed on the table were four small toasted bread squares, complete with what I could only say was a delicious pate. This was just a little taster of what was to come but it complements the good red wine that I was sipping.

We both ordered steak and before we go any further, I am a difficult person to please when it comes to steak. I do not eat it very often as this is mainly due to some Chef’s not cooking it to how I order it. Many times, they have not seemed to get it right for me. I hate it overcooked where it is ‘well done, frazzled and dry’ and yet when it is pink with what is called juice (blood), well this puts me off. I like it soft, light brown and medium cooked.

Fillet steak is always my choice and on this occasion, it was cooked to just how I liked it. This put a smile on my face and created an enthusiasm to eat more. (if you are looking for quantity on your plate, this restaurant is not for you but if you want quality, call in and test it for yourself).

Desserts make my eyes twinkle and anyone that knows me will agree that I usually like to look at this part of the menu first. The best dessert I had ever eaten was in Tenerife and it so happened to be in an Italian restaurant many years ago so beating that one, was a hard task. When the waitress said she recommended Tiramisu, my heart dropped and my face was no longer lit up. I am not really a fan of this dessert and so I was not sold. After being told it was their own recipe and it was highly recommended, I took the plunge and ordered it. It was the best dessert I have ever eaten and it is worth every penny!

Well done to the Chef who created these wonderful dishes. He or she really knows how to not only produce great, tasty food for their customers but equally the presentation adds to the finishing touches.

The night consisted of 2 fillet steaks, 2 desserts, 2 coffees, a bottle of water and wine which came to a total of 78 euros. It might seem a lot to some but if you want that experience of fine dining, then you have to pay the price for it. To be fair, the steak was only a few euros more than another place close by and I will say that paying that little extra at Monti Cristo, makes a huge difference.

The restaurant looks enchanting, even in the early evening so don’t feel that you have to wait until it is dark to achieve the romantic feeling. You can find out more about Monte Cristo on Tripadvisor and read what other people have to say about their experience of eating here. All positive stuff but be prepared to pay for the quality of service and food. Worth it!

The location is excellent and is situated in Fanabe (opposite the Bahia Princess Hotel, Calle Bruselas, 38670, Costa Adeje). You can check out more on their Facebook page.

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