Oasis Restaurant – The Chicken Shack

If you like garlic chicken, this is the ideal place to visit! It is situated in Adeje Old Town and has served up a winning combination of chicken and chips or Canarian potatoes for over 50 years. Family owned with a history of pleasing locals and tourists for many years.

The Oasis is simple and typical of the local type of restaurant in Tenerife but this one is different to all others. There is only one choice of food on the menu and that is spicy garlic chicken with Canarian potatoes or chips. Trust me when I say it is garlic chicken and you will understand why after you have devoured it. You will be able to taste the garlic long after you have left the restaurant but I can honestly say that I have not tasted garlic chicken as good as this place! Tasteful to the last bit.

The restaurant is situated on a slight hill but it is easily accessible by car or local bus. The quiet but pretty little town of Old Adeje is full of Canarian character and has a few shops. It is great for an afternoon out and a light stroll.

Oasis has seating area indoor and outdoor so you can take your pick which suits you best. On the day of my visit, we went indoors as it was so hot and it was good to escape the blazing sun although the outside does have sun canopies to shade you.

Visitors cannot escape the history of the family who built this business in the 1960’s as their photographs are like trophies along the restaurant walls. This gives the restaurant a meaning, a sense of pride and a reason to understand why it is important to keep the tradition alive. Years of a recipe that has served so many people and it is still going strong today.

Tourists rave about this restaurant and it is well known amongst the Brits. They travel here from all different locations on the island, so it proves that simplicity and good food can be a success.

The salads are crisp and fresh which I really enjoyed and one thing that I love about Tenerife is the tasty tomatoes. The typical salad bowl is lettuce, tomatoes and onions so don’t feel cheated if you think you have been short measured.

When we received our plate of chicken and chips, there was plenty to get tucked into and we shared a plate between the two. I started off with my knife and fork then suddenly realised locals used their hands and I could see why. Picking up the chicken and getting stuck into it was great fun!

We chose a house rose wine to wash it down with and a bottle of water. The wine was good and a nice way to relax while waiting for our food to arrive. The chicken and chips arrived quite quickly (this may be due to the fact that there is only chicken on the menu) but either way, the staff were hardworking and attentive.

I must warn you though that this is definitely a garlic challenge so be prepared and order some water with the meal and take some back on your journey. The chicken is rather spicy but simply delicious! You will not be disappointed with the price of the meal as it was reasonable, especially when you compare it to what you would pay in the tourist areas of the beachfront and the quality here is far superior.

So if you are looking for a restaurant for an afternoon or night time then stop by  Oasis, Calle Grande 5, 38670 Adeje Tenerife.

You can find them on Facebook Restaurante Oasis@elautenticopollodeadeje

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  1. Raymondo
    26/11/2019 / 7:40 PM

    We have visited Oasis for almost 20 years ,sometimes on a weekly basis when we lived on the Island , and have enjoyed many delicious meals there . We ve noticed occasional staff changes suggesting changes in ownership , including this time , November 2019 . The salad and bread was excellent ,as always , the chicken seemed less garlicky and @ bit too firm for our tastes , and cost quite a bit more this time . We will be calling again .

    • Dawn
      20/12/2019 / 4:53 PM

      Hi and thank you for responding to my blog post. I hope you have found my blog useful. I think it depends on the staff at the time of visit but it is worth going back to see if they are reducing the garlic (as it was overpowering when I visited but still super delicious). They do own another restaurant, just as you enter into the old town but it just looks like a bar. Food is really good. There is also another restaurant at the top of the hill in the old town but I have not visited this yet! Enjoy your next visit and big thank you for taking the time to write to me.

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