Meson Era Las Mozas – The Dinosaur Restaurant

If you are a vegetarian then this restaurant is not for you! If you like a great steak, pork chop or tasty chicken, then you need to continue reading as this is a dish that will certainly grab your attention and taste buds too.

My first experience of this place was probably about 12 years ago and it is still as good now as it was back then. I was so shocked at the sheer size of the meat when it came out of the kitchen and onto the table that I nicknamed it the ‘Dinosaur Restaurant’. I had never witnessed meat at this size ever before either back in the UK or on my travels around the world.

The restaurant setting is typical of a local Canarian style and it is simple but really clean. The green check tablecloths match the cream walls and wooden beams to give the building a rustic and authentic feel.

If you want good value, this is definitely a place to head and you do not need to book up but be prepared for a weekend as it is a favourite amongst locals. The cost of a steak here will probably be half the price of what you would pay in the tourist areas and double the size. The quality is far superior too so you will score on price, size, taste and value for money.

You can order a starter if you want to share or if you have a hungry appetite. The butterbean and pork soup is a great choice or you can look at the garlic, grilled cheese to share while waiting for your food to arrive.

If you like chicken, wait until you taste the half of chicken that they will deliver to you. Slow cooked in their wood/BBQ type ovens to such perfection. If you like a pork chop (which is one of the favourites among the local residents) well then you better save room for it before you head out here as it will certainly feed you for the day or night!

I have always ordered the chicken each time I have visited this fabulous restaurant but on the last occasion, I decided to go full steam ahead and tackle the pork chop. It was delicious. Another favourite with the locals are the ribs and again, they are just massive.

Typical style is to eat the meat with simple Canarian potatoes or chips. You can also order a side salad which is fresh (consists of lettuce, tomato, carrots) so be prepared as it is not the salad we would expect in the UK but I must confess, it is tastier.

No food is complete without the mojo dressings and you must remember to try these on your potatoes. I cannot survive without the delicious additions to my plate as my food would not be completed without these sauces.

The wine is very nice and a traditional house local favourite or you can opt for a great lager and order a bottle of Dorada. There is plenty of options and the staff understand a little English which is a bonus as not all local restaurants can offer this service. More and more tourists are now heading out to Meson Era Las Mozas and I can understand why. If you have a car, this is ideal as you will need transport to get here or take a taxi (which can run a little expensive) unless there is 4 of you sharing the bill.

Desserts are simple and this is typical of the island. Creme Caramelo is usually a favourite but there are ice-cream and a few other selections available on the menu.

Further along the restaurant, there is another section which is sometimes used for parties but it is still available if you prefer to sit ‘inside’. To be honest, even in the section with the green tablecloth area, this is still inside but a little cooler in the winter months.

The restaurant is simple but sweet! to me, it is perfect and delivers what it says on the label, value, quality and a friendly welcome to everyone. One thing I have learned in all my time of visiting Tenerife over the years and that is if the restaurant is packed with locals, then it is good food and great prices.

If you want to tackle the meat feast challenge, head to Meson Era Las Mozas, Calle Cabezada 26, Valle San Lorenzo, 38626 Tenerife. You can find out more on their Facebook page @eralasmozas

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