Santa Cruz Stands Out By A Mile

The popular location of Tenerife south attracts millions of tourists year upon year which is brilliant but what about Tenerife North? Have you thought about even visiting this part of the Island or has your focus been set on visiting the south? Well, take a peek at what you are missing out on! What a fabulous day I had, visiting the capital city of Tenerife.

From shops to cafes and stunning parks to buildings steeped in history, Santa Cruz is a golden opportunity to have a brilliant day out for exploring. With a good central bus station and connecting links to the south, there is no reason why tourists don’t jump on the local bus and head straight to this AMAZING city.

My day spent here was just a fraction of what I wanted to see and believe me, it was filled with walking around best part of the day. From stunning churches, museums and hidden little places, there is something for everyone here. You can even grab a cup of coffee at a very reasonable price so eating out is not expensive.

It was strange but it made me have a little chuckle seeing the Clarks shoe shop as this was not what was expected. It was also great to see the large chain stores such as H & M, Zara homeware, Bodyshop, Footlocker, Kiko, NYX and many more. This gives you the scope of what Santa Cruz has to offer.

This diverse city offers a tram service which takes you from Santa Cruz, through to the old town (and once the capital city) La Laguna. The service offers a brilliant method to see both the old and the new cities and the timetable is really frequent. You can find out more about the tram (metro) service and timetable through the link HERE

One of the most beautiful interiors which took my breath away was the church which stands modestly in the thick of it all. Going up the few steps, it looks like any other church in Tenerife, except larger but when entering the doors, the sheer size and craftsmanship is just glorious. Silent but magnificent and like any church in this Catholic country, it is governed by respect from the local people.

I could have stayed here longer, taking in all the beauty and absorbing the silence for a little longer but unfortunately, I only had time for a quick prayer to my blessed ‘bestie friend’ Mandy and then off on my travels again.

A stone’s throw away from the church, by chance, we stumbled across the Museum which was all about the legendary Admiral Horatio Nelson. The intriguing story (which never entered into my history lessons at school), showed how Nelson invaded Santa Cruz in July 1797 to be defeated in battle, losing part of his arm, 250 British men dead and 128 wounded in the battle. The Spanish would suffer the loss of 30 dead men and 40 injured.

Santa Cruz port is steeped in history of this battle and the museum is perfect to learn more about the history of Admiral Horatio Nelson and his ships.

Moving on from the battle of Santa Cruz, it was time to take some lunch and rest my feet a little. With so many nice places to eat, typical Canaria style through to Cafes, we settled on a nice restaurant which offered inside or outside eating area. Finding a good vegan restaurant can prove a little difficult in Tenerife although it is brilliant to see more restaurants ‘understanding vegan is more than just salad’. I wanted my travel companion to enjoy the day as much as me and having a nice lunch with a glass of wine is what it was all about.

My choice was Dorada fish which was brought to the table and then the waiter kindly sectioned it all and placed it on my plate. First time ever for this type of fish and I can tell you it was absolutely DELICIOUS!

Simon thoroughly enjoyed his roasted veggies and the crisp white wine from Lanzarote was an excellent choice to finish off our perfect lunch.

Ready for the off again and raring to go, we set off to visit one of the famous parks which, a must for everyone visiting Santa Cruz. Totally free entry and perfect to sit and have a snack or just stroll around to take in the beautiful colours, plants and herb garden. You are greeted with a fabulous fountain with sculptures and a large brightly coloured clock made of flowers at the entrance.

Parque Garcia Sanabria is a little oasis of beauty and a one to add to your list for Santa Cruz. The greenery is perfect for your holiday photographs and the tranquil atmosphere is something you need from all the tourist hustle and bustle in the south. Escape to Santa Cruz for a day or two and immerse yourself in history, parks, shopping and wonderful food.

The day was packed full of exciting things to see and visit yet I felt sad that I had to back to the south. I wanted to stay longer and enjoy more of what the beautiful north had to offer.

Since then, I can share some fantastic news, you can now book an truly amazing tour of the north. This has to be one of the best tour guides I have come across and I just cannot wait to get it booked up later this year and tell you all about it. If you want to know more about the tour, head over to Living Tenerife Tours HERE

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