Find Out Where The Prettiest Beach Walks Are In The South

Tenerife south offers an array of beautiful walks which span from Los Cristianos, right up to the stunning little town of La Caleta. The coastline is magnificent and there are plenty of pit-stops along the way! If you are a frequent visitor to Tenerife, you will certainly recognise many or if not all of these wonderful walks. If it is your first time, a (Newby) to the Island, you may want to take a peek at what you may be missing out on.

Above photograph: Jardin Tropical Hotel, Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje

Why you will love the picture perfect Puerto Colon and Jardin Tropical Hotel location

One of the most picturesque views which really appeals to me is the route past Jardin Tropical Hotel, Costa Adeje. You have the magnificent white-wash hotel, set in the most stunning area and with views which offer the sea, harbour and beach. Recently refurbished and looking fabulous, the Jardin Tropical Hotel dominates this area with sheer grace, elegance and beauty. You can find more about this hotel. Click HERE 

Above photograph: Jardin Tropical Hotel, Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje

Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje, a stone’s throw away from Jardin Tropical Hotel, sets the scene with luxury yachts and boat excursions. Again, a perfect area to stop and take a light bite to eat or a drink to keep you refreshed. A popular area for tourists as there are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightlife along this route. During the day, a great opportunity to take in the beautiful location, click a few photographs for your holiday experience and enjoy your holiday to the full.

Above photograph: Puerto Colon, Costa Adeje Harbour

From Jardin Tropical Hotel, if heading left, you will take a walk along to Playa de las Americas and then onto Los Cristianos. Turn right and you will head to the next walk which will bring you to Playa Torviscas which has golden sands and a strip of restaurants, shops and general holiday type souvenirs.

Playa Torviscas is popular with families and couples for nightlife. The area is compact with a nice stroll which will bring you to another popular bathing area of Fanabe.

Above photograph: Playa Fanabe, Costa Adeje

Who could say NO to the popular Playa Fanabe area?

For many years, this has been the beach that I have headed too, in fact, I used to call it the ‘green chairs’ beach as a few years ago the area had comfy laid back recliners at the beach bar. I am sure long time travellers will remember this and I used to love to sit here on an afternoon, recline the comfy green padded chair and take in a frosted glass of lager! how easily pleased but to be honest, when you live a busy lifestyle, sometimes the simplest of things are what you enjoy most!

You will not be short of a place to stop and enjoy a cold beer or soft drink. No matter how hot the day gets, there is always a choice of bars and restaurants to satisfy your thirst or hunger. Playa Fanabe has become one of the more popular choices over the last five years, with a fabulous selection of quality hotel’s to choose from.

Above photograph: restaurant along Playa Fanabe

Set along the Fanabe beach walk, one of my favourite spots is directly in front of the fabulous Adrian Hotels, Jardines de Nivaria. The hotel looks onto some spectacular views and you will instantly spot this wonderful piece of architecture, designed by the hotel owner’s son. The white and sand coloured building stand out in its glory and it is a truly remarkable high-end hotel. You can find out more about Hotel Jardines de Nivaria HERE

Above photograph: Hotel Jardine de Nivaria, Playa Fanabe

Hotel Jardines de Nivaria looks onto the full bay of the beach. Walking past this 5-star luxury hotel, you will know that you are heading towards the end of Playa Fanabe. The location of the hotel is brilliant and is a good indicator that once you have gone past the building, you are not far from El Duque.

Above photograph: the end point of Playa Fanabe

The delightful spot of El Duque

Walking further along towards the more luxury end of Costa Adeje, you will be impressed with the stunning hotels and pretty little beach area. The up-market area boasts plenty of designer shops and a Plaza El- Duque where you can sit in the shade amongst the shopping area, sip a coffee or take a cold drink. Relax, rest your feet and take in the high-end market of Tenerife south. The area attracts people who want the finer tailored holiday destination, luxury and finesse but like everything, there is a price to pay for this!

Above photograph: Hotel El Mirador, El Duque

Another luxury range of hotel (meaning real high-end price tag), is the El Mirador which offers a quaint and traditional type feature of Canary style buildings, inside of the hotel. You can access this from the pathway from the beach walk and if you step inside, you will find a pretty little area with a few shops or stalls. Worth a peek as I often call in and never get tired of this view.

Above photograph: Hotel El Mirador, El Duque

The contrast of colours within the hotel courtyard from the vibrant yellows and greens, suddenly then take you to the terracotta, browns, blues and white theme. Stunning hotel but you will need to have a good holiday budget to stay here.

The Hotel El Mirador is a good place to break up the walk and take in a little different scenery. You can take a drink at their restaurant if you feel like it is time for a stopping point. For more information about the website, click HERE

Above photograph: Playa El Duque

Next blog post! explore the coastal area and beach walks for Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos. A must for every holiday vacation and some amazing views!

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