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Little Raul Panescu, Tenerife and his fight to beat Neuroblastoma

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Parenthood has its challenges on most days and we feel the pain for our little ones when they become ill with a common cold or slight fever. We worry about the smallest of illnesses for our children and how they will cope.

How would YOU cope or come to terms with the news that your child has been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma 4, a rare type of Cancer?

The answer would probably be that you wouldn’t or couldn’t accept it. It’s unthinkable!

I want to share with you the story of a brave and super little boy Raul Panescu from Tenerife and his fight to beat this dreaded Cancer. His remarkable courage and strength set an example to us all and his journey over the last 12 months was a trail that no parent or child should ever have to face.

Raul’s story begins in Dublin

For Romanian born Lucian and Marilena Panescu who moved to Dublin in 2000, they longed for a family and much to their delight, Raul entered into the world in October 2009. Life was good and they became a close and loving family.

In 2015, Raul began to get rashes all over his body and after several visits to the Doctor in Dublin, the GP suggested that the sunny climate could help his skin condition. With Raul’s health issues put first, it was decided to uproot and so the family set out to move and live in Los Cristianos, Tenerife in the hope his skin condition would improve or disappear.

Raul is just like any other little 8-year-old boy and his love for Minecraft, Lego and fast cars puts a big smile on his face. His beautiful smile lights up any room and his happy character is a delight to his family.

After settling in Tenerife for 10 months, Raul attending a British school in Callao Salvaje and Church mass in the same town, Raul became unwell again in 2017. Lucian and Marilena took their 7-year-old son to a private hospital to get further tests and help. It was from these tests that the unthinkable news was delivered by the medical professionals and Raul was diagnosed with Cancer. Their world came crashing in and the sunny climate suddenly turned to darkness.

How does any parent comprehend with the news or come to terms with their child becoming this ill?

What was for certain, the family would put all their effort into researching for the best treatment or answers possible and this is where they found Helios Clinic, Berlin, Germany. The clinic had a reputable name for the type of treatment needed for this Cancer.

Making the trip to Berlin, it was now evident that Raul was becoming weaker and he was not at his strongest. Raul’s courage and strength seen him through 5 sessions of Chemotherapy which was to try and shrink a tumour. This was followed by a 10-and-a-half-hour surgical operation and 2 weeks in intensive care. The costs, stress and pressure attached to this journey were unthinkable but to everyone’s delight, Raul began to make slow progress.

Once back in Tenerife, Raul was to travel every 3-4 weeks to see Dr Francesco Bautista who was based at Nino Jesus Hospital in Madrid. Further tests and monitoring is key to Raul’s progress and future and this continues to be in place at the moment.

How do you fund your child’s life? Where does it end and how can you find answers for help?

We can all pray for Raul and that he continues on his journey to recovery but it is early days yet and the hospital visits are vital to his future care. The family are now faced with even more financial stress and pressure and to be honest, this is on top of the worry for their son. Life is not straightforward and this can happen to any of us so it is so important that we still have a lot of humanity in the world.

The generosity of friends and family has been super, all pulling together and raising money to keep trips to Madrid in place, as well as using up all personal savings. The people of Callao Salvaje have been extra helpful to the family but more help is needed.

Pride can be a difficult obstacle and a sense of being powerless can takes its toll but in situations like this, you have to put this at the back of the list, pray and depend on human kindness for any help possible.

This is where help is needed outside of the local community (who have been fabulous) but support from a wider circle of kindness.

Cancer takes no prisoners as it is not prejudiced, racist, sexist or religious. It will show up in any human being. When this hateful illness does show up, especially in children, it hurts us even more and therefore we need as much help as possible for Raul’s visits to Madrid. The future is not yet certain and the unknown is pretty scary!

This is why we need your help! Please, join us and together, let us help Raul and his family beat Neuroblastoma and get the family to Madrid for each vital and much-needed visit. This wonderful and loving family need your help and if you can show any kindness or support by making a donation, no matter how small, it will be really appreciated. If you cannot do this, all we ask is you share his story in the hope others will donate.

Thank you for reading this story and our prayers and blessings are with little Raul and his family.

A big Thank You for sharing this post and an even bigger Thank You for donating!

Special Thank You to Kate in Dublin for setting up the fund page.


Photographs supplied by Lucian and Marilena Panescu.


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