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Playa de las Americas is the established and larger resort in Tenerife. Month after month, visitors from around the world, flock to this resort to either stay or to take advantage of the beautiful beach walks, cafes and restaurants on offer! And it is no surprise why. 

My visit in December 2017 was a great opportunity for me to take a good look at the tourist’s favourite areas when holidaying in this part of Tenerife. The article will show you an area of Playa de las Americas, where there are some lovely walks and hidden little places where you might just miss, so check out the rest of this blog post and list anywhere which takes your fancy for your next visit.

The beaches are more crowded in Playa de las Americas but having said that, there is still plenty of sunbeds and stretches of golden sand to take advantage of. One thing that I must point out and it’s very important, all the beaches in Tenerife (like around the world), comes with risks and you should never leave your bag or belongings as theft can be rife. Even when sunbathing, keep your bags in sight at all times. It’s amazing how many people actually go swimming, leaving their wallets, purses, jewellery, camera and phone. It’s a pick pocket’s paradise so please do not encourage it and only take what you need to sunbathe.

One of my favourite areas during the day and night in Playa de las Americas is the Centro Commercial Safari. You have a good selection of shops, restaurants and pubs close by. One of the popular features is the fountain which is situated in the heart of the commercial area. It is a great choice at night to watch the fountain lit up, music playing and the water changing in time with the music. Harrys Bar is situated on the upper section of this area and it is a nice choice to start your night off here with a drink and relax for the night ahead.

Directly behind here, if you cut through (underneath Harry’s Bar) you will come out to a grass area and find the Shanghai Chic restaurant. It’s a nice choice and a little off the main square so you get a quieter time for eating. It has really good reviews on Tripadvisor and worth considering.

Across the other side of the road from the Centro Commercial is the famous Hard Rock Cafe. This attracts a lot of tourists who like to go for either a drink, food or to purchase a souvenir from the Hard Rock shop. Depending on what you like, this is a nice place, more expensive than other restaurants and my personal opinion, not my choice (only because I prefer more local food and I feel there are better quality restaurants at a lower price). All in all, this is more about the experience when on holiday and if you like this type of restaurant, it’s certainly worth a look inside and adding to your list.

The Hard Rock Cafe is within the Theatre and to be fair, easy to spot if you are strolling around this area. The shop has lots of memorabilia for sale and if you are willing to shell out a little more money for a t-shirt, then you will be in the right place. The majority of tourist’s love to visit here and grab a photo or two and it is a place worth heading to for a peek.

You may have seen in my last blog post, the article was regarding mini golf and again, this is in the same location as the fountain and Hard Rock Cafe (next to Hotel Santiago and Cafeteria). With late night openings and colourful surroundings, this is another area which is worth a look at and it is fairly reasonably priced.

If you are looking for somewhere out of the main busy areas and more in the shade, you can find a small cafe, La Iberoteka which is located in Centro Commercial Arcade. The easiest way to find this place is to either walk through the walkway under Harry’s Bar, turn left and past the Shanghai restaurant until you come to the end of the street. Directly right will bring you to the Arcade and the cafe is inside.

I was quite excited to visit this cafe which is known for their colourful umbrella’s set in the courtyard theme terrace. It was a little difficult to find but eventually, after coming across it, my camera in action and drinks ordered, ready to take a deserved break from walking in the heat.

My only disappointment was that a few days before my arrival to Tenerife, there had been a blustery evening which created the umbrella’s to be out of place and ripped. I was so disappointed but to be fair, this was not really down to the cafe as they have no control over ‘Mother Nature’ and so I had to salvage what photographs I could for my article. The menus offer tapas and have mixed reviews on Tripadvisor. As I didn’t eat here (as getting over the disappointment of the broken umbrella’s), I took a drink and then moved on. I will revisit here again and also eat so, watch this blog as there will be a full review on La Iberoteka.

If you are wanting food or a drink in the evening, another popular restaurant and bar is the Monkey bar which is situated close to the Centro Commercial Safari. Over the years, this has been a choice of many tourists and worth a look. A mixed bag of reviews on Tripadvisor and as I have not eaten here, it’s not really fair for me to give you an opinion if this is good or bad. The only thing that I always say to people is to try it and if it is not worth it or not good, let the Manager know. If you don’t like it then you have only lost one night of eating on your holidays and know not to return back. There are so many choices of restaurants in Playa de las Americas that you won’t be stuck to get an alternative selection. Equally, what one person might not like, another person might think is great (which is why Tripadvisor can leave you confused). My advice is to always allow the owners, Manager or staff to listen to your dissatisfaction and see if they can rectify it, before putting writing to the Tripadvisor tool.

For me personally, the Monkey Italiano restaurant looked really pretty and inviting but like I said, I cannot comment on the food.

Heading past the Hotel Santiago and walking down towards the beach, it was lovely to come into contact with a stunning and colourful building, Hotel Villa Cortes. The 5-star hotel is in a prime location, facing the beach and smack in the middle of all the action for activities and nightlife. The large Hotel stands out with their amazing terracotta, yellows and blues so you will find it hard not to notice this one!

If you are wanting a good place to go drinking at night and looking for a more relaxed night, the well known ‘The Patch’ is a popular choice for couples who like good music and Motown. It is only a small strip of bars with one continuous terrace but a really good night and it will get you in the mood for a sing-song and dance.

The blog is a flavour of what to expect in Playa de las Americas. This for me is one of the more selected areas to stay and close to the beaches.

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