Playa de las Americas – Parque Santiago Mini Golf

Mini golf can be found dotted around in most of the southern resorts but you won’t find a better course than Parque Santiago. With light fun for all ages, this mini-course is a great way to pass a little time and within a popular location of Playa de las Americas.

Situated next to the Parque Santiago Hotel, Avda Litoral 38660 (or opposite the Hard Rock Cafe), you can find the colourful mini golf at the back of the large cafeteria on the front street. It is easy to miss as there are no signs pointing you in this direction, so keep your eyes peeled for the sign which is situated on the thatched roof of the payment or drinks area.

Your eyes will first be drawn to the cafeteria or restaurant section which has a lovely area of mosaic tiles and a small fountain. The colours hit you immediately as the whole place is really quite something. In fact, it has to be one of the most colourful areas in Tenerife!

You can select either 9 or 18 holes, depending on what you fancy and the price range is based on a child 12 years and under or adults. For a 9 hole game (child 5€ and adult 6€) or for the 18 hole game (child 6€ and adult 8€).

This little, hidden gem offers a quiet and bright setting with shrubs, cactus and water themes. It offers a light bit of fun for families, couples or friends of all ages. Easy to walk around, although there is one section with a small bridge and steps so if you have a pushchair, you may need a little help. Only a few steps so no major issue.

My visit was in December and the sun was shining and to be honest, it was a glorious day. This is what appeals to me about Tenerife, the all year warm climate and the light days and nights. What better way to enjoy these times then having some good family fun or a laugh with your friends or loved one. Holidays to me, are about making memories and this should include everyone!

It is worth checking out the closing times as this might be a great option to keep the children occupied at night before heading back to the hotel. From talking to people who have visited here, it is open at night so this is a bonus for families.

From the burst of colours from the restaurant area and then into the mini golf section, you will be guaranteed plenty of natural themes of greenery, flowers and trickling water. It really is a lovely setting and great for photographs for your family album.

One thing I would point out though is the area is fully open and it can get extremely hot during the day. You need to be extra careful as it is easy to burn quickly when there is no shade. You do have the shade of the restaurant or cafeteria area but this is really after your golf so be prepared and have your suncream, hats for the kiddies too! It can be a bit of a suntrap.

The whole area has been designed to be eye-catching with pretty buildings, mosaics and cactus’ dotted here and everywhere. Well worth a stroll along to this area, even if you don’t play mini golf as it is in a popular location of Playa de las Americas. It costs nothing to look!

The restaurant or cafeteria was also really pretty and faces onto the main street. Check out the prices first as it may be a little more expensive than other places but then you are paying for the surroundings. As my visit didn’t include taking a drink or food here, unfortunately, it’s not for me to comment, hence why it’s suggested to check first before ordering.

Hopefully, the blog post gives you a little insight into this beautiful area of Playa de las Americas and a suggestion of what you can expect or do on holiday. Next time you pass by and recognise the colourful area, you know that hidden at the back of the cafeteria are the mini golf and pretty settings.

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