Picture Perfect – San Cristobal, La Laguna

It is, without doubt, the majority of tourists head south of the island to soak up the sun, sand and party time in Tenerife. But if you want something a little more different with colourful buildings, quaint shops and old fashion streets to set your camera clicking, then La Laguna in the north is a perfect place to focus on setting the scene.

The individuality and uniqueness of the shops offer you an opportunity to always find an interesting corner or street to explore. With so much character of the old style buildings, it is simply gorgeous to stroll through the friendly streets and soak up the history of this wonderful town. Both tourists and locals will head towards this part of the island and I can understand why. Either to chill out and sip a coffee in one of the local street cafes or to eat in a restaurant, La Laguna will offer you a day out to give you a taste of what Tenerife is really about.

Window shopping is an adventure in itself as you never know which shop you will encounter next. Its a perfect place for photographs and buying a gift to take home or for a ‘special person’ in your life. One of my favourite shops was the chinaware tea shop. I like a nice china cup!

A great time to visit Tenerife is November or December, as you will get to see the streets decorated in lights and the festive Navidad decorations in the shops. A favourite time of the year for me, as the colourful decor of Navidad extends to hotels, restaurants, shops and bars. There is no escaping this festive time in Tenerife and you will be part of the atmosphere ready to celebrate their Christmas day on 6th January.

The atmosphere is so friendly and the people on the island offer such a warm spirit to tourists. The shopkeepers in La Laguna allow you to browse at your leisure, not pushy or intruding but merely polite and offering a friendly smile and welcome invitation to look around. I felt totally relaxed leisurely strolling around this part of the north, no stress or pressure at all.

The brightly coloured buildings, mark the pathway for tourists and locals to enjoy the surrounding area. From wonderful street cafes, bars, restaurants and a hot chestnut stall, to the beautiful plaza where the local church dominates the area. Music in the streets from local musicians, add to the atmosphere of this pretty little antique town.

A touch of history

San Cristobal is home to some of the best folklore groups on the island, setting some high standards of celebrations throughout the year. Historical to one of the first Corpus Christi festivals to take place and still providing the fiestas today.

La Laguna was once the capital of Tenerife back in 1821, giving way to Santa Cruz eventually taking up this position of ownership. It may not maintain this title but what it does keep hold of is being recognised as the cultural capital of all the Canary Islands. Home to the University and the Catholic Cathedral of La Laguna.


Named after the Guanches ‘Aguere’, it later changed its name to Villa de San Cristobal de La Gran Laguna, named after a lake which was originally there. Later it shortened to San Cristobal de La Laguna and today, known as La Laguna (the lake).

Local Transport

There is a really good bus service around Tenerife and quite often, this is not capitalised by the tourists. The buses run from the north airport or Puerto de la Cruz and into Santa Cruz or La Laguna. This is a great opportunity if you take a holiday in the north and only a short distance to travel. The perfect way to take a bus ride out and enjoy the day in both Santa Cruz visiting the shops and then La Laguna for a touch of old-style history and leisure time.

If you are staying in the south of Tenerife, this will offer you a bus route to Santa Cruz from Los Cristianos and Adeje. Depending on the bus you take as there is an express bus (GuaGua) available, will depend on the length of time you arrive.  For further information and planning your journey, you can find out more about local bus transport information HERE

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