Why You Will Love Puerto Colon

The sun is shining and the day is in full swing. If you fancy a stroll then try Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje. You will not be disappointed at the lovely beach, surrounded by some great bars and holiday restaurants. It’s compact facilities cater for all ages, especially families. Whats more, the harbour is really stunning.

I have walked past this harbour in Puerto Colon so many times and each time, it is filled with wonderful boats, all looking perfect. It certainly attracts a few tourists each day but it is really peaceful and a great chill out place to stroll.

From the beach and past the harbour, you will come to a beautiful walkway where you can see palm trees, sun loungers and a pool. This is part of a stunning hotel near the harbour, which I will tell you about later in the blog post.  There is a public pathway so you can walk past and enjoy the luxurious views of what this area offers. This area has to be one of my favourite short walks as it never fails to take my breath away. Paradise comes to mind!

Further along from here, you will reach a stretch of bars, restaurants and tourist shops which to be fair, are all really nice. Tourist shops are typical and like all other places abroad. Typical things to buy would be T Shirts, Souvenirs, key rings, shoes, clothes and much more. I would also recommend you to have a peek inside the perfume shops as you do save money. I love a bargain!

There are plenty of restaurants with a great view of the seafront so you will not be short of a watering hole along the way. It really is a pretty little walk which will take you to Las Americas (PDLA). For those who like walking (and I have done this walk before) it is a good walk to PDLA but you will see some amazing style hotels along the way.

Let me introduce you to a stunning hotel which is situated really close to the harbour in Puerto Colon. It offers the stunning views of the sea, dreamy sun lounger area and a relaxing poolside that any guest would love to be part of (see 2nd blog photo). What more could guests ask for?  Jardin Tropical Hotel offers the full package.

With the whitewashed exterior, thatched roof entrance and lush palm trees, encase this stunning hotel which looks magnificent in the daytime sun. The Morrocan style feature has been built with design in mind and quality for guests. I can imagine that there will be some pretty amazing interior features in this hotel and hopefully one day, I might just take you on that little journey for a tour of this wonderful hotel.

To me, it offers so much charm and beauty. It is set in luscious grounds of greenery which sets off the white building of the hotel. Totally stunning. If you want to know more about Jardin Tropical hotel, then please visit their website www.jardin-tropical.com

Puerto Colon is also a favourite with tourists, simply due to a great location and plenty to do in the surrounding area. You will get a good mix of nightlife bars at the beachfront, with a balance of quieter restaurants and bars dotted around. The balance for both is really good so it caters for a lot of people.

If you head up to San Eugene’s area, there is a mixture of more bars and restaurants so you are spoilt for choice. If you are self-catering, San Eugene’s has a great supermarket (Mercadona) so check it out.  The smaller shops will have ‘supermarket’ written on the shop front but this is not a supermarket and items are a lot pricier. Head to Mercadona and you will be impressed with the fresh food and prices!

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with a little taster of what to expect if you visit Costa Adeje. Whether you choose a hotel in Puerto Colon or just take a day out to stroll along the beautiful coastline, you will find picture perfect results.

Feel free to leave any comments on any of my blog posts and don’t forget to join me for my next adventure in Tenerife.

Thanks for reading.

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