What Can Fanabe offer?

Costa Adeje has now become the most popular place to visit in Tenerife and is a favourite amongst many tourists. I have travelled and stayed here so many times over the last 12 years, that I have lost count. Each time I have visited this lovely area of the island, I never get fed up of walking along the stunning coastline of Fanabe. Why? you might ask. Because of its charm and character which makes it so pretty and appealing to many visitors. It is not a large beach but then who cares! It has views that everyone will admire and fabulous for photographers.

Walking along the beachfront, you will have a choice of bars and restaurants who will offer the traditional type of tourist’s food. You will not be short of a place to stop and eat or drink and with the views of the beach, what more could you want.

On the next level, up the steps and slightly above the beach bars, you will see a selection of higher class restaurants which offer some stunning views and a bit nicer choice of menu. A little more expensive to eat along the seafront so take this in mind when eating out but then this is standard practice.

Even the walkway on the upper section of Fanabe and the streets branching off the main Playa area has some wonderful colourful plants and trees. I loved seeing the colours of the red blossoms although some people might say they are orange (trust me when I say that they are red and you can only tell this when they are side by side against the orange blossom tree). Either way, the blossom trees stand in all their glory to lighten up the pathways in and around Tenerife. The colours of the plants and flowers never fail to catch my eye and put a smile on my face.

I have never really been a fan of cactus plants, somehow they just do not appeal to me but this particular day on route to my hotel, I spotted some large cactus’ that made me change my mind. Don’t get me wrong, they are not on the top of my list but if you like cactus, these are certainly an opportunity for you to get a photograph or two.

The cactus’ are not dotted all over like the blossom trees but there is a few in the Fanabe area.

So you now have the colourful image of Fanabe. What I would like to show you now is the beach area which is always popular but not overcrowded. This particular beach offers golden sands, is really well maintained and you can hire a sun lounger for the day if you can stand the heat or you are a sun worshipper.

There is a beach bar available so you do not have far to go for a drink but you are really close to all the bars and restaurants so you have everything close by. What I will say to tourists, like all places around the world, the beach area attracts thieves so please do not leave your valuables unattended at all times. They will go missing and it is surprising how many people go swimming and leave their bags. Think! keep valuables close to you.

If you walk from the Blue Cactus Bar right along the beachfront, you will come to the end of Fanabe. Here you will be higher above the ground and you will see the coastline of where you have walked. The sea a little more feisty and the colours of the water changing from turquoise into deep blues.

I loved to sit here on the bench seats, looking out to the sea and just clearing my mind. The sun beating down on me and a feeling of total relaxation. Coming to the end of the walk, you can watch the waves crashing into the small cove.

From the beach setting and happy atmosphere, the surrounding area has plenty of other little cafes, restaurants and bars. The backdrop of the mountains will offer you a rustic view of Tenerife. On some days, the clouds are so low, that they frame the mountains to give an air of mystery.

The streets are filled with lush green palm trees, shrubs and colourful flowers. The contrast of the volcanic mountains against the beautiful blue coastline and greenery streets of Fanabe makes it a perfect setting.

There are some great hotels in this area. My recommendation would be the GF Hotel chain of Hotel Fanabe Costa Sur or their sister hotel Isabel which caters really well for families. Both of these hotels will offer you amazing food and attention to their guests at all times.Another good hotel which is perfect location is the Sunwing.

Another good hotel which is perfect location is the Sunwing. It is friendly, has a children’s club and a great choice if you want to go self-catering.

I hope my little taster of Fanabe has given you an insight of what you can expect if you are deciding or wanting to book a holiday here. I would love you to leave any comments on this post or if you have any questions, I will try to help you if possible.

Thank you.

Please note that all photographs are my own work and copyright law applies.


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