Salude To Vinedos Angola

I have always wanted to visit a vineyard and I would also like to be able to say that I had a liking for wine. If I am honest with you, it is not on the top of my list but then, I am a type of person who buys a bottle of wine because I like the look of the label.

I wanted to know more about the process and what was a good wine. How it all starts from growing the grapes to the actual bottling of the wine.

With that thought in my mind, I came across some great guys at Nathan Excursions (situated between Puerto Colon and Fanabe). Nathan offered me a trip to Vinedos Angola and so I decided to go for it and give myself a little bit more education. His prices were fair and a little less to pay than the previous tour company so that was it, I booked it and had something to look forward to for a few hours out of the hotel. I was feeling pretty excited about this tour.

It was all taken care of as I had to leave my name, telephone number and hotel details and with that, my receipt had the time and date of when I would be collected outside the hotel. Absolutely great, no stress of finding where I had to meet up, all sorted.

The morning was hot and so Maureen (my sister) and I were collected by mini bus outside of our hotel around 9.40am so it wasn’t too early of a start for the day. We had one more stop in Los Cristianos and then we headed for the 30 minutes drive to Vinedos Angola in Vilaflor. (The vineyard gets it’s name from the name of the mountain behind it called Angola).

What a warm welcome and friendly place! and I instantly got a good feeling that I was going to enjoy this tour, even though I knew absolutely zero about wines.


The home of the vineyard is traditional style and a great place to feel the authenticity of the life of growing wines. The place was left to the original setting from over the years and this is what I loved about it.  The home set the scene and told a story of a family from a generation of wine making, up to today where Manolo has kept this place alive growing the family grapes for wine. He accepted us all into his home with open arms, what a great guy. We all instantly warmed to his charm and passion of the winemaking.

There was plenty of opportunities to taste the different wines that kept coming around and I have to say, each one was nice. Surprisingly, I took to the red wine and it was one of the best wines that I had ever tasted so my views on wines had started to change at that point. In fact, I wish I could have bought a few bottles of the red wine, as I would have brought them home!

We were stood around the vine trees in our group and listened to some fascinating facts about the grapes, pruning and techniques to use. It was all pretty interesting and Vilo (the guide) really knew his stuff!

Supplied with more wine tasting and cheese, we then went inside to listen to how the grapes move forward to produce this delicious wine. We were supplied with more information on the length of time it takes, what is involved and how the expertise of this family have successfully combined grapes to come up with unique wines. Really amazing!

After this, the tour included a walk into the main area of the house which had all the traditional items still inside, it was like a mini museum but very charming.

In the next room was the tables set for us to take a seat where a light lunch was prepared for us and more wine. Lunch consisted of a tradition chickpea soup (one of my favourite dishes), chicken leg and a large potato and followed by a piece of caramel pudding (it is only a tiny piece but typical dessert for what you would have in Tenerife). The food was very nice and it was washed down with my half decanter of red wine. Maureen had the rose wine and by this time, we were feeling slightly tipsy! Still, the wine was delicious.

After eating the food, we received a great lesson from Vilo on how to hold the glass, smelling the wine and rolling it around your mouth. This certainly lightened the day further, along with some funny stories to make us all feel relaxed and talkative. A little video played while we finished off our wine and I have to say, it was a relaxing day. A great change from the usual holiday activities.

Well done to all the team at Vinedos Angola for making this a great tour for us all! From the guy who picked us up and was our taxi driver and helped to serve our food, you were a nice guy. Vilo, you certainly knew your stuff and a credit to Manolo. Even the chef was at hand to ensure our food was hot and tasted nice.

We certainly came out of the tour with a lot more knowledge of the whole process and some great wine tips.

Lastly to Manolo, your mother will be very proud of you and what a credit to your family. Thank you for letting us be part of that experience and I hope one day, we get to visit your wine party where we get to crush the grapes and have a night event!

Thank you to Nathan Excursions for the service they provided and going that extra mile for their guests.

I hope this blog has offered you a small insight into the tour of Vinedos Angola. Call along to Nathan Excursions and if you want a quiet morning or afternoon trip, this is a perfect choice. Note: take your sun cream and a bottle of water as it gets scorching hot in the vineyard, being so high up.

Thank you for reading this post and your comments are appreciated.

The photographs are my own work and copyright law applies

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