Hotel Botanico, Royal Seal Of Approval

One of the most difficult parts of a holiday choice is probably choosing a hotel. Let’s face it, Tripadvisor can be helpful sometimes but then again, other times you end up more confused or indecisive! Even when you have such a good selection of hotels (which you will get when you visit Tenerife), people sometimes stick to what they know best or based on regular visits.

Hotel choice could be decided on location, value or familiarity of staff. Whatever the reason for your choice, it should be because you come home refreshed, happy and with good memories of this wonderful island.

Let me introduce you to a really special hotel and a perfect choice for people who are looking for a different experience, away from the main crowds or tourists. I cannot praise this hotel enough and so with this, I want to show you how the Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden is one of the top hotels in Tenerife & Spain.

The Hotel Botanico is renown for visits from royalty and this includes the King and Queen of Spain but most recently, the Prince of Georgia. It seems a very fitting hotel for a royal family and over the years, it has gained a lot of famous people who have chosen this remarkable hotel as their first choice to stay in Tenerife.

The hotel is not just for royalty or famous people, no it is filled with tourists or holidaymakers who want to experience a healthy or tranquil type of holiday. Somewhere to revive the soul and feel part of a truly wonderful invigorating experience.

Let me take you on a tour of the superior Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Garden so you can see for yourself just what you can expect for your money. The ‘attention to detail’ which this hotel will offer you is outstanding.

The thick luxurious carpet of gold, red and greens, invites you to the hotel reception with a touch of class. It is spotlessly clean and the area is surrounded with exotic statues of oriental nature. You can even see the ‘wall of fame’ which gives guests a look at the celebrities who have stayed here, including my all time favourite Michael Jackson. Even President Clinton has a suite named after him and has visited many times so this hotel speaks volumes.

The chill-out area of the garden will offer a pretty featured section where you can take a drink or some breakfast/lunch and enjoy your day. Nothing is too much and the staff are so tentative to their role of pleasing their guests. Quality is at its best here and it is a price that we can afford (a little more than your usual holiday but hey, perfect for a honeymoon or special occasion). Romantic and luxurious is what I would label this hotel.

The gardens are simply stunning! large sun-loungers dotted around but spaced out so you are not overcrowded or made to feel your space is being intruded. Well planned and designed to allow you your personal space and to take in the full beauty of it all. The healthy feel of the botanical garden does what it says on the label, it makes you feel fresh and relaxed. Simply beautiful.

No expense has been spared in this wonderful hotel but what is even more striking is the thought and care that the owner has put into it. Lovingly crafting each part of the hotel to capture the oriental look but also to bring local famous artists to display their paintings in a fine gallery of luxury.

You will not just have a view of a fountain with such greenery but there is also an outside pool which is so eye-catching, it will stand out instantly. The blue and inviting pool has been carefully designed to please the eye and it stands well in the botanic garden amongst the greens and natural plants.

I just loved the outdoor pool and to add more external beauty to this garden, Hotel Botanico has added further ponds, complete with Carp fish. So different from other hotels yet a natural way to bring beauty to a gorgeous surrounding. To me, it is writers paradise and to others, it will be an ideal ‘get away’ to take the stress away and forget about the world.

Walking into the main hotel, it was quite impressive to see an indoor designer shop where the guest can purchase some quality clothes, without venturing out! and to top this, the Spa area is even better. The oriental theme just fits the scene so well and it offers such a peaceful but high-end service to all guests. Walking past the reception desk and into the main lounge area was truly an experience of Thailand. A perfect captured and true likeness of an oriental dream.

It reminded me so much of my holiday many years ago to Thailand where I bought some beautiful elephant gifts (which I collect elephants) and the magical feel of this exotic land. The ornaments or statues are well placed and pristine in every part of the hotel. They certainly made my collection look poor!

The finishing touches are what makes a hotel shine in its glory and the award winning hotel Botanico knows exactly how to do this. The bedrooms remain with the elephant them so once again, it gets the thumbs up for me and what I really liked was that guests get a chance to purchase a toy elephant. All proceeds go to women back in Thailand to help them in life (humanity has been restored and such a wonderful thought). Well done as we all need to think of those people in need!

Well, I could continue to write all day about this hotel but I think I have offered you a flavour of what Hotel Botanico & Oriental Spa Gardens is all about. Feel free to read up about this on their website

If you want a holiday in the north, Puerto De La Cruz is a perfect spot and you will find this hotel in the heart of where you want to be. Plenty of attractions to visit nearby and close to the local people who will welcome you to their town with a warm heart and smiles.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to offer feedback in the comment box below. Look forward to you visiting my site again.

Please note that all photographs are my own work and copyright law applies.

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