Corpus Christi the Adeje Way

Sunday 18th June, in the Old Town of Costa Adeje, I waited for the Corpus Christi event to take place. I just love a traditional Tenerife Fiesta as you can guarantee they will be colourful and friendly. This one was ideal for me, as I was staying in Fanabe so it was only a short bus ride to the quiet end of the town.

It was a bright and sunny morning and not a cloud in the sky, as I sat having breakfast at one of the local cafes. Sitting in the sunshine, peaceful and typical of local Tenerife style, I was feeling happy. The town was ready for the celebration of Corpus Christi and I was very excited to see what Adeje had to offer. The pretty old style buildings had so much character with different styles and colours to brighten up the quiet town.

I was not sure what to expect but it was interesting to see some men dressed in military clothing so this was definitely different from the other Fiesta’s that I have attended. “Well, let the day begin” is what I say and my camera was ready for the big event!

The main roads were decorated with strips of coloured patterned salts so I was interested to see what this was all about. Walking to the top of the main street, the white washed church sat high on the steps. The backdrop of this church was surrounded by mountains which looked stunning. Like a lot of churches in Tenerife, they are similar in design and well cared for. This church would be the starting point for the procession.

The Sunday morning mass commenced and I listened from the steps to the voices that sang the hymns. It was relaxing, holy but a nice sound. I decided to take a peek through the open side door to see what was happening and as I peered through, it was holy communion time and the children receiving their blessings. They all looked so sweet and it was family time to share their proud moments and be blessed in the house of God.

The church bells rang and the procession was about to start. I was feeling excited to see the brass band standing at the side of the church and the shrine being carried out. It was a really hot morning and the sun was in full force.

The event started with the angelic sight of the children who had just received their holy communion and they lead the way down the paths of coloured salts, throwing petals into the paths.

Each and every one of these children looked absolutely beautiful. The boys in suits or military style outfits and the girls dressed in white dresses which were stunning. I could not think of a better way to celebrate this special day and with such meaning. How proud their families must feel!

The procession continued with the shrine being carried around the streets, the brass band playing and the people joining the walk. The shrine was carried by 4 people with 2 as standby and I can tell you, it was not an easy task in this heat.

The colourful parade was a picture of pride, the men in front of the shrine in black suits and the priest leading the military attendees, with their uniforms in full glory for all to see.

What I liked about this Fiesta was the emotional connection or feeling that allowed everyone to be part of it. Even as a tourist, there was no problem of joining in and following the parade around the tiny streets. I loved watching the people throw the petals onto the shrine from their upstairs rooms or rooftops. A time to reflect back on for the people of the town to feel proud of a community spirit and a respectful attitude.

The walk stopped halfway for a prayer or words of blessings to be said by the priest and then it continued a little way further where a full blessing was completed. The small community of people gathered to watch and listen to the priest’s final words and I loved the buzz of it all.

Then out of nowhere, to my surprise, there was a loud BANG! As I looked up to the beautiful blue skies, the coloured paper fell onto the people and the streets of Costa Adeje. Then another bang and the same thing repeated. It was quite emotional and it was not even my country and I was not part of any of the history but it was really a lovely event.

Again, the brass band played their tunes and were wonderful at creating the right atmosphere for this event. What is even more remarkable is this community working so hard to make this happen. With over 11,000 kilos of coloured salt which is used to make the paths for Corpus Christi, the people of this town come together to make this special Sunday a memorable time.

The whites, blues, purples, pinks and yellow coloured salts are hand crafted to the carpet like features that provide the paths for this magnificent parade.

Oh, what a day! I loved every minute of it and such a great experience for this historical event. Costa Adeje certainly knows how to put on a Fiesta. All I can say is ‘well done’ to the people who make this happen, including the people who contribute their time and effort into creating the carpets of colourful salts. The local authorities can be proud of this wonderful event and I was happy to have had the privilege to have been there.

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